This topic provides instructions for creating a platform service.

There are two types of platfrom services in vCenter Hyperic:

System services local to an operating system platform, such as CPUs, network interfaces, filesystems, and so on. Most local service are auto-discovered by the system plugin.

Remote services that the vCenter Hyperic agent monitors over the network, such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, and other services using a supported protocol. Because such services are monitored by a remote agent, they cannot be auto-discovered. For network services, you manually configure platform service on the platform running the agent that will monitor the service.

To create a platform service:


Select Browse > Resources > Platforms to navigate to the platform to which you wish to add a service.


Select New Platform Service from the Tools menu.


On the New Platform Service page enter:



Service Type


Click OK.

The new service is created.

The Inventory tab for the new service appears and prompts you to configure the resource.


Click Configuration Properties in the prompt.


On the Configuration Properties page, enter values for the required configuration properties, which are prefixed with a red asterisk, and optional properties as appropriate. For information about the configuration properties for a service type, refer to the Configuration Notes column for the respective property in Configuration Instructions for Platform Services.