When you configure a platform of type Network Device, you must specify connection information for a vCenter Hyperic agent running on an operating system in your environment - that agent will receive the SNMP data. The agent you designate must be able to receive traps.

The agent's default UDP port for receiving traps is 162, in the privileged range, which the agent cannot access unless it runs as as root (or as an Administrative user on Windows).

To configure a non-privileged port to receive SNMP traps:


Open the agent.properties file in a text editor.


Add the following line to the file:


Restart the agent.

This setting enables the agent to receive traps through any interface on the platform at UDP port 1620. If desired, you can specify an specific interface's IP address, or different port in the unprivileged range (1024 or above).

If you try to check that the SNMP port is open at this point, netstat will not show it open. Once you complete all steps in this procedure netstat output will produce expected results.