In vCenter Hyperic, the groups of resources you assign to a role constitute the population of resources to which users with that role may exercise the permissions associated with the role.

For example, if the role's permission level to Platforms is None, role users will not have access to platforms in groups assigned to the role.

Assigning a group of groups or a group of applications to a role does not grant permissions to individual resources in nested groups or applications. Groups you assign to a role for the purpose of granting permissions must contain individual resources, as opposed to other groups or applications.


If you are not currently viewing the role to which you wish to assign groups, navigate to the role.


Click Add to List in the Assigned Groups section.

The Assign Groups to Role page appears.


On the Groups panel on the left side of the page, select the checkbox for each resource group you wish to add to the role, and click the blue arrow to move the groups to the Assign To Role panel.


Click OK.