A dynamic group is a logical collection of resources that are organized by a specific criterion, such as name or type. After you have defined a dynamic group, you can assign one or more policies to manage large environments effectively.

After dynamic groups have been created, and monitoring policies defined and assigned, all the resources that match the group criteria become a member of that group and subject to the monitoring policies that are assigned to the group members. When vCenter Hyperic discovers a new resource, it is dynamically added to the group.


When you assign a policy to a dynamic group whose members are already configured, whether manually or by vCenter Hyperic auto-discovery, the policy becomes effective on the group members, meaning that configuration and monitoring parameters are overwritten with the policy configurations.

Using resource groups with assigned policies enables you to:

Configure monitoring parameters, such as collected metrics and collection interval, for all group members.

Manage access to group members according to user roles .

Configure the resources that are members of the dynamic group.

This scenario demonstrates how using dynamic groups works when a new Exchange server is added to a data center.

vCenter Hyperic discovers the Exchange server, after which you add it to the data center's inventory. vCenter Hyperic adds the server to the Exchange-type dynamic groups, and the server inherits the configurations and metrics that are specified in the Exchange monitoring policies.

A resource is determined to be a member of a dynamic group when the following conditions exist:

The resource matches the group selection criteria. For example, the resource name matches a regular expression.

The resource is accessible in terms of permissions. One or more of the following must apply:

The resource is accessible by the owner of the dynamic group.

The resource is accessible by a user with a role that has been associated with the dynamic group. The role must have at least Write permissions for the groups.