This section describes how to create an escalation scheme.


In the masthead, click Administration.


Click Escalation Schemes Configuration.


Enter values in the Name and, optionally, Description fields.


Configure acknowledgment options in the If the alert is acknowledged section:

Allow user to pause escalation for - Click to enable a user to pause the escalation when acknowledging the alert. Select Until Fixed or a duration from the pulldown list. (Options range from 5 minutes to 72 hours.) A user acknowledging an alert with this escalation will have the option of pause the escalation process for the period you specify.

Continue escalation without pausing - With this default value, a user acknowledging an alert with this escalation will not be offered the option to pause the escalation.


Configure state change notification options in the If the alert state has changed section:

Notify previously notified users of the change - With this default setting, when the state of the alert changes, state change notifications will be sent only to recipients who have already received a notification in previous escalation steps.

Notify entire escalation of the change - Click if you want alert state change notifications to be sent to every notification recipient in the escalation - whether or not they have received a previous notification.


Configure escalation repeat behavior in the "If alert is fixed" section:

Stop escalation execution - With this default setting, the escalation will not be repeated for an alert that is unfixed at the end of the escalation.

Repeat escalation actions - Click to repeat the escalation process if the alert has not been fixed by the end of the escalation.


Click Next Step.