This section lists the parameters for SNMP v1, and their descriptions.

SNMP v1 Properties

Configuration Option


Allowable Values


The OID of the notification to be sent. Supplies the value of snmpTrapOID. 0 - the second varbind in a trap or inform that Hyperic Server generates. (The first varbind is SysUpTime.0 .)

Default Notification Mechanism

Your selection governs the notification type that will appear as the default notification type option in the "Notification Mechanism" pulldown list that is presented in configuration dialogs when user configures an SNMP notification as an alert action, or as a step in an escalation.

For v1 of the SNMP protocol, choose V1 Trap. This is the only trap type you can generate for SNMP v1.

Enterprise OID

Enterprise OID


The community name to be sent with the trap.

Generic ID

Single digit identifier of the trap type.

0 - coldStart

1 - warmStart

2 - linkDown

3 - linkUp

4 - authenticationFailure

5 - egpNeighborLoss

6 - enterpriseSpecific

Specific ID

The specific trap code for an enterprise-specific trap (when Generic ID is set to to 6).

Agent Address

Address of the managed object that generates the trap.