This topic describes how to recalculate baselines for a resource.

The baseline and expected high and low range values for every metric are calculated periodically — by default, every three days.

For an individual resource, you can recalculate baseline and high/low range values on-demand; when you do, the calculation will be based on the currently selected metric display range. The next time vCenter Hypericdoes its periodic baseline calculations, baselines will again be based on the configured "Baseline Dataset" property.

To recalculate the metric baseline and expected range values for one or more metrics for a resource.


Navigate to the Metric Data tab on the resource's Monitor page.


Set the metric display range upon which you wish to calculate baselines.


Select each metric whose baseline values you want to set.


Click Set Baselines.

The Low Range, Baseline, and High Range values for the selected metrics will be set to the low, average, and peak values for the current display range.

You can also initiate re-calculation of the baseline values for a single resource metric when you chart the metric.