vCenter Hyperic allows you to notify users of incidents based on support schedules, greatly simplifying the management of 24x7 or rotating support teams.

This is accomplished through the use of role-based alert calendars. The alert calendar can be most usefully applied in an , wherein multiple sets of people can be selected for notification, but only the one whose alert calendar is currently open will be notified.


Create multiple roles.


For each role, assign complementary alert calendars (that is, alert calendars that span different periods of time, but all together cover the calendar). On the Edit Role screen, follow the instructions for creating a calendar for a role.


Define an escalation scheme with at least one SMS or email escalation action.

In the escalation action, instruct vCenter Hyperic to notify All users assigned to a specific role and then select all of the just-defined roles.


Create an alert and assign that escalation scheme to it.

When the alert is fired, vCenter Hyperic will start performing the escalation actions but will only notify the roles whose alert calendars are currently open.