vCenter Hyperic product plugin management and deployment features ensure that all agents reporting to the server run exactly the same product plugins as those deployed to the server.

The key features are:

Plugin management interface - Plugin Manager is a user interface for deployment-wide management of product plugins. You use the Plugin Manager to deploy and manage plugins on the server and agents that report to the server.

Server-Agent Plugin Synchronization (SAPS) - An agent, and the server to which it reports, cooperate to ensure that the agent is running exactly the same set of plugins as the server.

The SAPS process will not synchronize plugins on agents of an earlier version than the server. The server can only synchronize plugins on agents running the same or later version. The Plugin Manager user interface indicates how many of the agents reporting to the server are in sync. If there are agents that are out-of-date, you can see which agents need upgrading.