This topic provides instructions for creating a service.

In Hyperic, a service is a component that runs in a server (for example, an EJB), or is associated with an operating system (for example, a CPU). System-level service, and services that an agent will manage remotely are referred to as platform services.

Most service types are auto-discovered by the plugin that manages that service type. Services that run on a platform are discovered along with the platform itself by the Hyperic's system plugin. Services that run in a local server are auto-discovered by the plugin that manages the host server — for example, the plugin that manages Tomcat discovers the services running in Tomcat.

The only service types in Hyperic that are routinely created explicitly are remote platform services.

To add a service to inventory using the user interface:


Select Browse > Resources > Server to navigate to the server to which you wish to add a service.


Select New Service from the Tools menu.


On the New Service page enter:



Service Type

Host Server


Click OK.