This topic describes the data and controls that appear at the top of the Inventory page for a service.

The properties at the top of the Inventory page for a service provide identifying information including:


Owner - By default, the vCenter Hyperic user under whose account the resource was added to inventory. Click Change... to assign a different resource owner.

The plugin developer controls which resource properties are displayed at the top of a resource's Inventory page: any properties enclosed in a <properties> element for a resource type appear in the page header when you browse to an instance of that type.

The Map control presents graphical view of the service and the resources that are related to it. The map illustrates hierarchical inventory relationships, and a resource's membership in groups or applications.

When a service is selected, the Tools menu has the following commands:

Configure Service — Opens the Configuration Properties page for the service, where you can edit the resource's configuration properties.

Delete Service

Add to Dashboard Favorites — Adds the service to the Favorite Resources portlet on the current Hyperic user's Dashboard.

Add to Group — Opens the Group Manager page, which lists the groups to which the platform may be added. You can add a platform to a group if:

You have permission to access the group, and:

The group is a mixed group that contains platforms, servers, and services.

The group is a compatible group of the selected platform's platform type.

The General Properties section of the Inventory page for a service lists the following information:


Date Created


Date Modified

Resource Type

The Groups Containing this Resource section lists the following information for each the group of which the service is a member:



There are two controls available:

Add to List

Remove from List

This section displays the configuration properties for the service:

Shared - These properties vary by service type.

Monitoring - These properties control log and configuration tracking for the service.