If you run vCenter Hyperic with SAPS enabled, you can use Plugin Manager to administer plugins on up-to-date agents throughout your deployment.

The primary tasks you perform are:

Deploy and update custom plugins — If you develop your own plugin, or customize a built-in plugin, use Plugin Manager to upload and deploy the new or modified plugin to the server and to all up-to-date agents in your deployment. Plugins you deploy with Plugin Manager are deployed to a directory external to the server's installation directory, so that they are not overwritten by a server upgrade.

Remove plugins — For optimal vCenter Hyperic scalability, it is good practice to reduce the agent footprint by running only the plugins you use, and to remove a plugin if you have no resources of the types the plugin manages. You can remove one or more plugins from all up-to-date agents in your deployment with a single Plugin Manager command.

Since version 4.6, vCenter Hyperic you cannot manually deploy your plugins.