A resource group alert is an alert assigned to a compatible group - a group or resources you have defined that contains selected resources, all of which have the same resource type.

Resource group alerts are different than resource alerts in the following ways:

A resource group alert definition has a single condition - A resource group alert definition is based on a single condition.

A resource group alert condition is based on the behavior of multiple resources - Resource group alerts are evaluated differently than other alert types. A resource alert or resource type alert is fired for a specific resource based on monitoring results for that resource only. A resource group alert fires when a metric condition is true for a specified number or percentage of the resources in the group.

The only action a resource group alert can trigger is an escalation - The only action you can assign to a group alert definition is an escalation.

A resource group alert fixes itself - Although you can mark a group alert fixed - from the group's Alerts tab or other alert views - you don't need to. HQ automatically marks a group alert "fixed" when the condition that caused it to fire is no longer true. This shows up in the UI as "The problem fixed itself." in the "Alert Detail" screen.