This topic provides instructions for creating a user, and assigning roles to the user.


Click New User on the Administration page.


Enter values for the following fields:





Password - Passwords must contain at least 6 case-sensitive characters and numbers, and no spaces or quotation marks.


Format - can be either HTML or plain text.

SMS Address — An email-to-SMS gateway email address for the user's SMS device.

For a cellular phone on the Cingular network, this might look like Check with the service provider for details about an email-to-SMS configuration. Basic alert notification sent to this user's SSS address will be in long format, which can result in up to five separate messages on the SMS device each time notification is sent by vCenter Hyperic. vCenter Hyperic recommends that SMS alerting be used in conjuction with escalations, not basic alert notification, but short format is used there.

Enable Login - Toggle the radio button to disable or enable the account. The user cannot log in when the login is disabled


Click OK and Assign to Roles.