An alert calendar defines the availability calendar during which role users are available for alert notfications.

You should define an alert calendar if:

You are creating a role that will be a recipient of alert notifications, and

The users assigned to the role users are available only during specific intervals only.

By default, a role's alert calendar settings specify that role users are available for notifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no exceptions. To define a narrower availability calendar:


For each day in the week,

Use the first set of From and To pull-downs to specify a start time and an end time that role users are availability for notifications.

If there is a period of time within the availability period specified in the previous step, during which role users should not receive notifications, click Except, and use the From and To pull-downs on the right to specify that period of time.


Click Save.

You must define additional role or roles with complementary alert calendars to ensure that there is a role whose users are available during periods of time that the current role's alert calendar does not include.