This topic provides information about the resource plugin deployment directories.

There are two product plugin deployment directories on the vCenter Hyperic server:

Standard plugins - the ServerHome/hq-engine/hq-server/webapps/ROOT/WEB_INF/hq-plugins/ directory is used for standard plugins packaged with vCenter Hyperic server.

Custom plugins - the user.dir/hq-plugins directory is used for custom plugins or a customized version of a built-in plugin. Plugin Manager deploys the plugin to the hq-plugins subdirectory of the current working directory of the server process. Custom plugins are deployed to a separate plugin directory, external to the server installation, so that they will not be overwritten when you upgrade the vCenter Hyperic server.

You can configure the server to store custom plugins in a different directory with the server.plugin.custom.dir property.

On the Hyperic Agent all product plugins reside in the AgentHome/bundles/agent-x.y.z/pdk/plugins/ directory.