This topic provides information about dealing with configuration issues.

SNMP configuration is not accepted


Verify the IP address, SNMP port, SNMP version, and authentication settings, are properly conifgured.


Verify that the agent you selected for the proxy platform has network connectivity and can reach the SNMP port of the network device (check firewalls).


Make sure that the community string configured for the proxy platform is the same as the community string the trap generator uses to send traps. If the strings do not match, traps cannot be sent to the proxy platform - instead, traps will be routed to the default platform, if that platform has log tracking enabled.

Check the vCenter Hyperic agent log file to make sure that the agent has opened the proper UDP port. If properly configured, you should see messages similar to:

2008-06-05 16:45:05,447 DEBUG [SNMPTrapReceiver] snmpTrapReceiver.listenAddress=udp:
2008-06-05 16:45:05,572 DEBUG [SNMPTrapReceiver] Add 1:10003 for