A role-based dashboard is a version of the vCenter Hyperic dashboard available to users assigned to the role.

A role-based dashboard can be customized to match the needs and interests of users with that role. You can configure the contents of a role-based dashboard to meet the needs of users with that role.

A role-based dashboard is available in addition to a user's personal dashboard. Every vCenter Hyperic user has a personal dashboard, and a role-based dashboard for each role to which he is assigned.

Any modification to a role-based dashboard affects all users with the role; unlike a personal dashboard, a role-based dashboard cannot be customized on a per user basis.

Upon creation of a new role, a copy of the standard vCenter Hyperic dashboard is saved and available to members of the role. Any user with this role can navigate to it using the Select a Dashboard pull-down, and designate it as his default dashboard.

The default dashboard for a new user is his personal dashboard. To set a role-based dashboard to be the default, a user must select select it and click Make Default.

A role-based dashboard can be modified by:

an administrator with the Super User role.

a user assigned to the role, if the role grants the Modify permission.