This topic provides information about the Inventory page for a server that has just been added to the inventory.

The inventroy page contains the following sections:

General Properties -The server's owner is the username for the vCenter Hyperic account that created the server.

Type and Host Properties -The Host Platform is the name of the platform to which you added the server.

Services -This section of the page lists services discovered in the server instance. For an new server instance, no services appear until any required configuration properties are defined. You can manually add services to a server, but it is uncommon.

Groups Containing this Resource - You can click Add to List in this section to assign the server to one or more resource groups.

Configuration Properties -The properties in the section vary, depending on the resource type of the server you are created.

Shared - For some server types, you need to supply resource connection or authorization credential data in this section in order to monitor and manage the resource.

Monitoring - If the server type supports log or configuration tracking, you can configure tracking options in this section.

o Control - If the server type supports control actions, you configure associated options in this section.

After creating the new server, you may need supply values for one or more configuration properties. See the resource's Inventory page for configuration options and requirements.