You can create groups and specify the criteria that defines when a resource is dynamically added to a group. You also assign the policies that determine the configuration and metrics for resource types, and roles that determine the access privileges for those resources.

You can create a dynamic group and choose to assign policies to it at a later time.

You must have sufficient privileges to create dynamic groups.

If you are assigning roles, you must have sufficient privileges for this function.


On the Management > Dynamic Groups tab, click the add icon.


Enter the necessary information in the Create Dynamic Group wizard.

Text boxes with red borders are mandatory. The Next button is not enabled until all mandatory information is provided.


On the Ready to Complete page of the wizard, review the criteria that you have defined.

This page is read only. If you must make changes, click Back to return to the relevant page.

The Members area shows the anticipated number of members in the group, based on the current inventory.


Click Finish.

On the Resources tab, the new dynamic group resource is added to the table. When you click the group name, a list of all the members of the group appears.

The effective policy that is applied to the resource appears on the Inventory tab of a resource that is a member of the group.

If you change the resource's configuration or the monitoring parameters after applying an policy, the policy is no longer applied on that resource. If the resource does not match the group criteria, it is excluded from the group and the policy is no longer effective. However, policy configurations continue to be applied on the resource, unless the resource configuration is modified.