To use vCloud Connector to oversee a cloud, you must first add the cloud to the Connector UI.

If you are planning to access vCloud Connector from both vSphere Client and, you will need to add your clouds in both locations. Accounts on vSphere Client and are not linked.

An instance of vCC Node is installed in the cloud you wish to add to your vCC and that Node is registered with vCC Server.


Open vCC in either vSphere Client or For more information, see Access vCloud Connector.


In the left panel, click + Add Cloud.

The Add Cloud popup appears.


Select the Name of the cloud to add from the drop-down menu.

Only clouds whose nodes are registered with the vCC Server are displayed.


Type the username and password for an administrative account (Org Administrator or better for vCloud Director) for that cloud.


Click Add.

If you are using IE 7 or better (or the vSphere Client plug-in) and the cloud you are adding has a large number of VMs, you may get a Stop running this script? dialog box one or more times as the VMs load. Click No each time the popup appears. Do not switch between clouds until at least one screen of the new cloud has loaded.

The cloud by name appears in the left panel and the cloud's templates and workloads appear in the center panel.


Multiple users sharing the same vCC Server through each have a personalized version of the vCC UI, so each must add the clouds they wish to see displayed.