To move content from one cloud to another you use the copy function. Because you can only move templates, to copy a running instance of a virtual machine or vApp, you must power it down before you start a copy. The virtual machine or vApp is automatically converted to a template.


Open vCC in either vSphere Client or


Click the Workloads tab in the central panel.


Click the gears icon at the end of the entry to move and click Power Off from the menu that appears.


Click OK in the confirmation popup.


Click the gears icon again and click Copy from the menu that appears.

The Copy Workload popup appears.


If the source is a vCD cloud, click Select to select the Source Catalog from the Select a Source Catalog popup.


Select the target cloud from the drop down menu.


Enter a name for the vApp in the vApp Name field.


The following characters are not supported in the name of the item being moved: "%", "#", "<", ">", "&".


Enter a description of the instance in the vApp Description field.


Click Select , select the target VDC from the pop-up list, and cllick Select again to confirm.


Click Select , select the appropriate catalog from the pop-up list, and click Select again to confirm.


Click Copy.

To monitor the progress of your copy, see the right Task panel.


You can start multiple copies at the same time. The copies are executed in sequence. Do not copy the same item to the same destination multiple times quickly in a row: only the first copy in such a scenario succeeds.

The workload is copied as a template. You might need to reload the screen to see the template in the destination instance.