For any vCloud Director-based cloud that you use with the Stretch Deploy command (your private vCloud or the public vCloud), you must specify cloud credentials in the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console.

You must use credentials that include privileges to access and edit vApps, catalogs, organizations, organization VDC networks, and gateways. These privileges are typically available with the role of organization administrator in vCloud Director and virtual infrastructure administrator or network administrator in vCloud Hybrid Service.


You must specify credentials for Stretch Deploy even if you registered the vCloud Connector node for the cloud with the same credentials.

Credentials are required to provide vCloud Connector access for the following tasks.

Configuring the Edge gateway for NAT or firewall changes, if required

Creating the routed vApp in the public vCloud

Configuring the vApp network to establish the SSL VPN tunnel

Creating a temporary vApp in the public vCloud

Deploying the VM or vApp in the public vCloud

After you have stretch deployed your VMs or vApps, you can unregister the settings. See Unregister Stretch Deploy Settings for more information.

You have installed vCloud Connector. A vCloud Connector node is installed and configured in the vCloud, and the node is registered with your vCloud Connector server. The vCloud is version 5.1 or higher. The vCloud has been added to the vCloud Connector UI.


Go to the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console at https://vCCServerIPaddress:5480.


Log on as admin. The default password is vmware.


Click the Nodes tab.

All nodes registered with the vCloud Connector server are displayed.


Locate the appropriate node, then click the gears icon next to that entry, and select Stretch Deploy Settings.


If the Stretch Deploy Settings command is disabled, verify that the cloud is a supported version and that you have added the cloud to the vCloud Connector UI.


Type a user name and password for the cloud.

Cloud Type


vCloud Director

Organization administrator

vCloud Hybrid Service

Virtual infrastructure administrator or network administrator


Repeat for all vClouds that you want to use with Stretch Deploy.

If you loaded the clouds in the vCloud Connector UI before you specified the Stretch Deploy settings, you must reload the clouds for the changes to take effect. See Reload a Cloud in vCloud Connector for more information.