The privileges or rights that are associated with the type of account you use to add a cloud to the vCloud Connector UI determine the actions you can perform with vCloud Connector. For example, if you add a vCloud Director cloud with a vApp User role, you will not be able to copy from that cloud because you do not have the required rights to download a vApp template.

For access to complete functionality, use an organization administrator or system administrator role, or a modified role that has equivalent rights, for a vCloud Director cloud. Similarly, for a vSphere cloud, use an administrator account or an equivalent role.

Permissions for default vCloud Director roles are as follows.

Permissions for Default vCloud Director Roles

vCloud Director Role

Actions allowed in vCloud Connector

System administrator

Can copy and deploy

Organization administrator

Can copy and deploy

Catalog Author

Can copy templates and vApps to which you have access

vApp Author

Can copy templates and vApps and deploy vApps from templates

vApp User

Cannot copy

User with Console Access

Cannot copy