vCloud Connector includes a path-optimized copy mechanism that provides a relatively higher copy speed and lower storage requirements.

It uses a path optimization framework to export data from the source cloud, transfer it, and import it into the destination cloud in a parallel flow, instead of sequentially.

The data is streamed in small chunks. As data is being exported from the source cloud, it is transferred and imported into the destination cloud.

Files are not written to the staging area of either the source or destination vCloud Connector node during the copy process.

Under optimal conditions, the node staging area is not used during copy. However, in some scenarios (for example, if the transfer or import part of the copy process is slower than the export), data needs to be buffered and the staging area is used to store chunks of data. In such cases, the amount of storage needed might be equivalent to the size of the object being copied. Ensure that you have adequate storage on the nodes. See Configure vCloud Connector Node Allocated Storage for information on adding storage.