To upgrade to vCloud Connector 2.6, upgrade your vCloud Connector 2.5 server and all vCloud Connector 2.5 nodes. You upgrade a vCloud Connector server or node from its Admin Web console.


You can upgrade to vCloud Connector 2.6 from vCloud Connector version 2.5 only. You cannot upgrade from earlier versions to version 2.6.

You have the IP address of the vCloud Connector server or node. You can get the IP address from its console in the vSphere or vCloud Director cloud in which it is installed.

You have updated the hardware settings of the server or node to the vCloud Connector 2.6 level. See Edit Hardware Settings for vCloud Connector Server and Nodes on vSphere and Edit Hardware Settings for vCloud Connector Server and Nodes on vCloud Director.

If you use NFS share for the node staging area, modify your settings to use the nolock option for mounting the NFS share. This is required in vCloud Connector 2.6.


Go to the vCloud Connector server or node Admin Web console at https://vCCServerIPaddress:5480 or https://vCCNodeIPaddress:5480.


Do not use Firefox as some tabs appear blank on Firefox.


Log in as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Click the Update tab.


In the Settings tab, under Update Repository, ensure that Use Default Repository is selected.


Click the Status tab, then click Check Updates.

The available updates appear.


Click Install Updates.


Accept the EULA.


Click OK in the confirmation dialog box and wait for the update process to finish.


Click the System tab.


Click Reboot.

You are logged out of the Admin Web console when the system finishes rebooting.

After you upgrade the vCloud Connector server and all nodes, do the following.

Modify the staging directory permissions in all upgraded nodes.

Update the server's registration with the vSphere Client.