Before you can deploy a vCloud Connector server in a vCloud Director 5.1 cloud, you must upload the virtual appliance to a catalog as a vApp template. You do not need to upload an additional template if a template is already uploaded to a master catalog that multiple organizations share.

You must have organization administrator or system administrator access in the vCloud Director cloud in which you install the vCloud Connector server. You must have the unzipped version of the template you downloaded in Download the vCloud Connector Virtual Appliances.


Log in to the vCloud Director Web console using a supported browser.


Click Catalogs.

If you log in as system administrator, select your organization first, then click the Catalogs tab.


Select the catalog to which you want to upload the vCloud Connector server, then click the vApp Templates tab.


Click the Upload icon.


In the Upload OVF package as a vApp Template dialog box, click Browse and select the vCloud Connector server OVF file that you downloaded.


Specify a name and, optionally, a description, for the vApp template.


Select the virtual datacenter, catalog, and storage profile for the template.


Click Upload.

The upload process begins. You can monitor the status of the upload in the Transfer Progress popup.


It may take several seconds after the upload itself has finished for the process to be finalized.