The Network tab allows you to view network related information about the appliance, switch between DHCP and static IP addresses, and set up proxy information.

The Network Status tab provides already configured network information about your appliance, such as DNS servers, network interfaces, and IP addresses. Click Refresh to update your information.

The Network Address Settings tab allows you to specify static IP information for your appliance or to retrieve IP settings from a DHCP server.


If you set a static IP address you must make sure that there are values for all the displayed fields. In vCloud Director installations, you must set Preferred and Alternate DNS servers manually. Talk to your service provider or network administrator for the appropriate addresses. You recorded the information that you need for these settings in Collect Necessary Information.

For more information about network paths in data transfers, see Cross-Cloud Data Transfer and Network Connectivity.

Click Save Settings to accept any changes that you made to the network address settings. Click Cancel Changes to discard the changes.


If you are using static IP settings, and you update the host name and IP settings at the same time, only the IP settings are saved. The host name is not saved. Update the Hostname field separately.

Also note that if you change the IP address, you will not see your changes until you log out and log back in to the Admin Web console using the new IP address.

The Proxy Settings tab allows you to set up any necessary proxy settings, including the HTTP proxy server IP address, port, and a user name and password if the proxy server requires authentication. Set these if the vCloud Connector node must use a proxy to reach systems beyond the firewall at the installation location.


In the Proxy Username field, specify a user name that contains lower-case, alpha-numeric characters only and does not exceed 50 characters. Do not use email addresses or domain names (for example, or xyz\user) or names that contain a period (for example, firstname.lastname) as special characters are not supported for this field.

Click Save Settings to accept any changes that you made to the proxy settings. Click Cancel Changes to discard the changes.


To set a proxy server for UDT-based copy, set it in the UDT Proxy section in the Node - General tab.