Copy operations rely on staging storage when you copy resources between clouds. To successfully copy resources, make sure you have enough storage allocated to the vCloud Connector nodes.

Default storage on vCloud Connector nodes is 40 GB. You may need to increase this in some cases.

If you will be copying large virtual machines, vApps, or templates.

In some scenarios (for example, if the transfer or import part of the copy process is slower than the export), vCloud Connector uses the staging area during copy and might need storage equivalent to the size of the object being copied.

If you will be copying many items simultaneously from a cloud.

If you increase the maximum number of concurrent copies allowed for a node.

To successfully copy resources to or from a vSphere cloud, you must configure and resize the data disk associated with the vCloud Connector node for that vSphere cloud.

To successfully copy resources to or from a vCloud Director cloud, you must add disk storage to the vCloud Connector node associated with that cloud.