You can install a vCloud Connector server in vSphere.

For information on installing vCloud Connector in a Linked Mode vCenter server configuration, see Installing vCloud Connector in Linked Mode vCenter Server Configurations.

You must have an administrator account for the vSphere instance in which you want to deploy the vCloud Connector server. You must have the unzipped version of the template you downloaded in Download the vCloud Connector Virtual Appliances.


Log in to vSphere Client.


Select File > Deploy OVF template.


Click Browse and navigate to the OVF directory of the server zip file you downloaded.


Click Next.


Proceed through the wizard.

You can either use the Networking Properties step in the wizard to set basic network properties or you can wait and set those properties when you configure your server.


If you are going to use a static IP address, you need to assign it here. Proxy information is set during Configure vCloud Connector Server.


In the vSphere Client, select Inventory > VMs and Templates to see the virtual machine that is created.


Right-click the virtual machine and select Power > Power on to power it on.


Click the Summary tab and find the vCloud Connector server's IP address in the General section. The IP address field (not the Host field) displays the IP address of the vCloud Connector server. Make a note of the IP address. You will need it later in the process.