By default, vCloud Connector uses HTTP(S) for data transfer. To use the UDT data transfer protocol, select the Enable UDT option in the vCloud Connector node.

You must select the Enable UDT option in both the source and destination vCloud Connector nodes. If you select it in only one of the nodes, the default protocol, HTTP(S), is used for data transfer between the nodes.


You can enable UDT for a node only after you register the node with your vCloud Connector server.


Go to the vCloud Connector node Admin Web console at https://vCCNodeIPaddress:5480.


Log in as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Click the Node tab, then the General tab.


In the UDT section, click Enable UDT.

The UDT Status field displays Enabled.


If you want to enable data encryption for UDT transfer, in the Encryption section, click Enable Encryption.

See also Data Encryption and Enabling Data Encryption for UDT Data Transfer Protocol.


Log out of the node Admin Web console.