After you upgrade vCloud Connector, check your settings.

Log into the server and node Admin Web consoles and check the following.

Click the System tab and verify that the appliance version is 2.6.

Verify that your pre-upgrade settings, such as SSL settings, UDT settings, certificates, and hostname have been preserved.

In the server Admin Web console, click the Nodes tab and check the status of the nodes.

Verify that the Local Content Library node appears and that its status is UP.

Verify that all nodes registered to the server appear and their status is UP.

Log in to the vSphere Client to which the vCloud Connector UI is registered and do the following.

Display the Home page of the vSphere Client and verify that the vCloud Connector icon appears under Solutions and Applications.

Click the vCloud Connector icon and verify that the UI displays all the clouds that were added to it before the upgrade.

Verify that the Content Library displays any subscriptions that were set up before the upgrade.