Before you upgrade your vCloud Connector server and nodes, you must update their virtual hardware settings to match the vCloud Connector 2.6 level. The upgrade process does not update the virtual hardware settings.

Update these settings for the server and for all nodes.

To update hardware settings for servers or nodes installed in vSphere, see Edit Hardware Settings for vCloud Connector Server and Nodes on vSphere.


Log in to the vCloud Director cloud.


Click Manage & Monitor and select your organization.


Click My Cloud.


In the My Cloud panel, select VMs.


Select your vCloud Connector server or node virtual machine and click the Power Off icon to power it off.


After it is powered off, right-click the node or server and select Properties.


Click the Hardware tab and make the following changes.

In the CPU section, increase Number of CPUs to 4.

In the Memory section, increase Total memory to 4 GB.


Click OK.


Select your server or node virtual machine and click the Power On icon to power it on.

After you update the hardware settings for your server and nodes, upgrade the server and nodes from the Admin Web console.