To transfer data from your private vSphere or vCloud Director-based datacenter to the vCloud Hybrid Service, you must install vCloud Connector in your datacenter, if you have not installed it already. You must also request the offline data transfer from your vCloud Hybrid Service account.


Install a vCloud Connector server and a vCloud Connector node in your private datacenter, if they are not already installed.

This enables you to export data from the datacenter.

If you want to export data from more than one vSphere or vCloud Director cloud, install a vCloud Connector node for each cloud.

See Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector for information on the installation process.


Log in to the vCloud Connector UI from vSphere Client and add the clouds from which you want to export data to the UI.

See Add a Cloud to vCloud Connector in Using vCloud Connector for information.


Initiate an offline data transfer request from your vCloud Hybrid Service account.

See the vCloud Hybrid Service documentation for information on how to obtain an account and request an offline data transfer.


Add a catalog in your vCloud Hybrid Service cloud.

See Add a Catalog in the vCloud Hybrid Service in Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector for information.

The vCloud Hybrid Service operator will prepare the vCloud Hybrid Service environment for your data transfer and send you a storage device and an Offline Data Transfer (ODT) node URL.

Wait until you receive the storage device and ODT node URL from the vCloud Hybrid Service operator, then register the ODT node with your vCloud Connector server.