You use the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console to register vCloud Connector nodes with the vCloud Connector server. The nodes can be installed on vSphere, private vCloud Director clouds, or public vClouds. The registration allows the server to manage the nodes.

When you register a node, you can specify the node URL with either the node IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN). You must use an FQDN with a proper entry in the DNS server so that the FQDN gets resolved to the correct address.

To register a multi-tenant node deployed on a public cloud or private vCloud Director cloud, get the node URL from the service provider or cloud administrator.


Go to the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console at https://vCCServerIPaddress:5480.

If you receive a certificate error, accept the certificate. The vCloud Connector server has a self-signed certificate.


Log in to the Web console as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Click the Nodes tab.

The Manage Nodes tab contains the list of vCloud Connector nodes that are currently registered.

The Local Content Directory node always appears by default. This node is for Content Sync. Do not edit this node.


Click Register Node.


Complete the node information.

Node Info Option



A name for the cloud. The cloud will appear by this name in the vCloud Connector UI.


A description of the node. For example, you can specify whether the node is a service provider node or a local node, or provide information about whom to contact if there are any issues.


The URL of the node. You can specify either the IP address of the node or its FQDN.


For example:


For example:

You can get the URL of the node from its console in the vSphere or vCloud Director cloud in which it is installed. If the node is on a public vCloud, obtain this information from your service provider.


Select if the cloud is a public cloud outside the firewall where your vCloud Connector server is installed.

Use Proxy

Select if your vCloud Connector server needs to use a proxy to reach the node that you are registering.

Ignore SSL Certificate

Select if you did not install a valid certificate on the node and if SSL is enabled on the node. SSL is enabled on nodes by default.


If you did not install valid certificates, and you do not select this option, copying fails. If you select this option, and later install a valid certificate, you must deselect this option and restart the vCloud Connector server.


If you are registering a service provider node, obtain this information from your service provider.


Complete the cloud information.

Cloud Info Option


Cloud Type

Type of cloud with which the node is associated, either vSphere or vCloud Director.

vCD Org Name

(For vCloud Director clouds only) Type the name of your organization in the vCloud Director cloud. You must use a valid organization name. vCloud Connector validates the name that you provide with the cloud.

Ensure that you use the correct case for the name.

If you selected vSphere in the Cloud Type option, this field is disabled.


If you are registering a service provider node, specify the name of your organization on the public cloud.


User name for the cloud.


Password for the cloud.


Click Register.

The Register Node with Server window closes and the vCloud Connector node appears in the Manage Nodes list. To edit values, unregister the node, or to download log files for a node, click the gears icon at the right of the list entry.


Do not update or unregister a vCloud Connector node while a task is in progress.