After you upgrade the vCloud Connector server and nodes, you must update the registration of the vCloud Connector UI with the vSphere Client.

If you do not update the registration, vCloud Connector does not appear in the Solutions and Applications panel on the Home tab in vSphere Client.

You have upgraded your vCloud Connector 2.0 server and nodes to version 2.5.


Go to the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console at https://vCCServerIPaddress:5480.

You can get the IP address of the vCloud Connector server from its console in the vSphere cloud or vCloud Director cloud in which it is installed.


Log in as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Click the Server tab, then click the vSphere Client tab.


Specify the vCenter user name and password, then click Update Registration.


Log out of the server Admin Web console.

Before you use the upgraded version of vCloud Connector, clear your Internet Explorer browser cache.

Enter a license key if you want to use vCloud Connector 2.5 Advanced edition. See Entering the License Key for vCloud Connector Advanced Edition.