You can publish a folder or catalog of templates to the vCloud Connector Content Library. The folder or catalog is then available for users to subscribe to.

Only the templates at the top level of the folder or catalog are published. Templates in subfolders are ignored. Also, content other than templates, such as virtual machines, in the folder or catalog that you publish is ignored.


The names of templates that you publish should only contain ASCII characters. Template names with non-ASCII characters display as garbled text in subscription vCloud Director catalogs in both vCloud Connector and vCloud Director.

Verify that you entered a license key in the vCloud Connector Server Admin Web console.


In the Browser panel, expand the Clouds tree and find the folder or catalog of templates that you want to publish.


Right-click the folder and select Publish to Content Library.

If Publish to Content Library is disabled, check that you are right-clicking a folder or catalog. The option is disabled for other objects, such as a datacenter or an organization.

If the option is still disabled, check that you have a valid license and that the license key was entered in the vCloud Connector Server Admin Web console. See Entering the License Key for vCloud Connector Advanced Edition in Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector.


Click Publish in the confirmation dialog box.


In the Browser panel, select Content Library.

The Catalogs table appears in the Inventory panel. The table lists the catalog or folder that you published, along with details such as its location, publisher, and the time that it was last updated. Click on the folder name to view the templates it contains.

Users can now subscribe to the published folder.