If you no longer want to synchronize your templates with a published folder or catalog in the Content Library, you can unsubscribe from it.

Only the user that has subscribed to a catalog or folder can unsubscribe from it.


In the Browser panel, select Content Library.

The Inventory panel displays all published catalogs and folders. Folders or catalogs to which you are subscribed have a check mark in the Subscribed column.


In the Catalogs table, select the folder or catalog from which you would like to unsubscribe.


Click the Unsubscribe icon (unsubscribe icon) at the top of the panel.


In the Confirm Unsubscribe dialog box, select your subscription folder, then click Unsubscribe.

If you have set up multiple subscriptions to the published folder or catalog, the Subscribed item list displays all your subscription folders. You need to unsubscribe each folder individually.

You are no longer subscribed to the published folder or catalog. Any changes made subsequently to the published folder or catalog will not be reflected in your subscription folder or catalog.

Existing templates in your subscription folder or catalog are not deleted. If you would like to delete them after unsubscribing, you can do so by selecting the parent cloud in the Browser panel, then selecting the template from the Templates tab in the Inventory panel and clicking the Delete icon.

The subscription folder or catalog name no longer has the Subscribed icon (subscribed folder icon) in the Clouds tree in the Browser panel.