In the public vCloud and in any source vCloud Director clouds, if the vApp network is connected to a Routed Org VDC network, you need to configure external IP addresses in the Edge gateway sub-allocation pools if they have not been configured. vCloud Connector requires this to get a list of unused external IP addresses while stretch deploying a VM or vApp.

You are logged on to the public vCloud or the source vCloud Director cloud.


Click Manage and Monitor, then click Organization vDCs in the left pane.


Double-click your organization VDC name to open it.


Click the Edge Gateways tab, right-click the Edge gateway name, and select Properties.


Click the Sub-Allocate IP Pools tab.


Select an external network in the External Networks box.

The IP Pool box displays the range of IP addresses for the network.


In the Sub-Allocate this selected pool into other static IP pools box, type a single IP address or a range of IP addresses that is within the external network's IP range, then click Add.


Click OK.