You can copy templates from one cloud to another. You can choose to automatically deploy a template after copying it.

You can start multiple copies at the same time. The copies are executed in parallel. By default, vCloud Connector executes a maximum of 10 concurrent tasks per cloud.

See How Objects are Copied for more information about the Copy command.

vCloud Connector is open.


In the Browser panel, expand the Clouds tree and select the cloud that contains the template you want to copy.

The Inventory panel displays all the contents of the cloud. You can narrow the results by using Search or by expanding the cloud hierarchy further in the Browser panel and selecting a sub-folder.


In the Inventory panel, click the Templates tab, then select the template you want to copy.


Click the Copy icon at the top of the panel or select Copy from the Actions drop-down menu.


Select the destination cloud to which to move the template.


Type a name for the template. If you do not specify a name, the default name is the name of the source template with the prefix Copy of.


You cannot use the following characters in the name: % . # & < >


Select the destination folder for the template, then click Next.


Select the cluster, host, vApp, or resource pool in which to store the template, then click Next.


Select a virtual disk format and a datastore, then click Next.


If you want to deploy the template after copying it, specify your selections in the Deployment Options page.

If you are copying a template from a vCloud Director cloud, you can select Power on vApp after deployment.

If you are copying a template from a vSphere cloud, select the appropriate options.



Deploy VM after copy

Deploys a VM from the template after copying the template to the destination cloud.

Power on VM after deployment

Powers on the deployed VM.

Remove template from destination folder

Removes the template from the destination folder after deploying the VM.


In the Ready to Complete page, review your selections, then click Finish.

To monitor the progress of your copy, see the Tasks panel on the right. A copy task appears. To view detailed information about the task, click on it.

The template is copied, and deployed if you selected the deploy option. You might need to reload the destination folder to see the results.