You can get detailed information about tasks in vCloud Connector. Information about tasks is visible in the UI for 48 hours.

vCloud Connector is open.


Open the Tasks panel by doing one of the following:

In the Browser panel, click Tasks.

In the Tasks panel, click All Tasks or double-click a task.

The center panel changes to a Tasks panel and displays a table of all the tasks that you performed in the last 48 hours. You can view the type of task, its status, and relevant information such as the source and destination cloud for a copy task.


To see more details about a task, select it in the table.

Detailed information appears below the table: the time it took to complete the task; the different phases of the task, if applicable; the user name of the person who initiated the task; and other relevant information.

This helps you monitor and troubleshoot tasks that you perform with vCloud Connector.