You can open the console of a virtual machine in a cloud that has been added to vCloud Connector.

vCloud Connector is open.


In the Browser panel, expand the Clouds tree and select the cloud that contains the virtual machine.


Click the Virtual Machines tab.


Locate the virtual machine whose console you want to access.

You can narrow the results by using Search or by expanding the cloud hierarchy in the Browser panel and selecting a sub-folder.


If the virtual machine is powered off or suspended, select it and click the Power On or Resume icon to start it.


Select the virtual machine, then double-click the console thumbnail that appears in the Details panel below the table.

If the thumbnail next to the virtual machine information is not clickable, the virtual machine is powered off or suspended. You need to power it on to access its console.

If the VMware Remote Console plug-in is not installed, you are prompted to install it.

The console opens in a new browser window.