You can use vCloud Connector to power on, power off, suspend, resume or reset a virtual machine or vApp in a cloud that has been added to vCloud Connector.

Any action on a vApp applies to all its virtual machines.

vCloud Connector is open.


In the Browser panel, expand the Clouds tree and select the cloud that contains the virtual machine or vApp.

The Inventory panel displays all virtual machines, vApps, and templates in the cloud. You can narrow the results by using Search or by expanding the hierarchy further in the Browser panel and selecting a virtual datacenter, organization, or folder to view only its contents.


In the Inventory panel, click the Virtual Machines or vApps tab.

A list of virtual machines or vApps is displayed. You can view the current state of the virtual machine or vApp in the Status column.


Select a virtual machine or vApp.


Select the action to perform by clicking on an icon at the top of the Inventory panel or selecting it from the Actions drop-down list.