You can unpublish a folder or catalog that you published to the Content Library. When you unpublish a folder or catalog, all subscriptions to it end. Before you unpublish, check if the folder or catalog has any subscribers and notify them.

Only the user that published a folder or catalog can unpublish it.


In the Browser panel, select Content Library.

The Inventory panel displays all published folders and catalogs. You can see the items you published by finding your user name in the Publisher column.


In the Catalogs table, select the folder or catalog to unpublish.

You can view the templates that the folder or catalog contains in the Templates table. You can view information about the subscribers in the Catalogs table.


Click the Unpublish icon (unpublish icon) at the top of the Inventory panel.


Click Unpublish in the confirmation dialog box.

The folder or catalog is removed from the Catalogs table in the Content Library. Users cannot subscribe to it any more.

The subscription folders (destination folders) of any subscribers will no longer be updated. However, existing content in the subscription folders is not deleted. If subscribers wish to delete the templates, they must do so manually.

The folder or catalog name no longer has the Published icon (published folder) in the Clouds tree in the Browser panel.