You can bring back stretched VMs or vApps from the public vCloud to your private datacenter with a script that is provided with vCloud Connector.

You can bring back one VM at a time, in which case the SSL VPN tunnel between the private datacenter and the public cloud is not deleted unless the VM is the last VM in the stretched vApp in the public cloud. You can also choose to bring back the entire stretched vApp.


Log on to the console of the vCloud Connector Node VM that is installed in the source cloud (that is, the private datacenter) as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Go to the following location: cd /opt/vmware/hcagent/scripts


Untar the reverseStretchDeploy.tar file in the directory with the following command: sudo tar -xvf reverseStretchDeploy.tar

The password is vmware.

The script is extracted to the ./bin directory and a Readme.txt file appears in the current directory.


Change the permissions on the scripts directory:

sudo chmod -R 777 ../scripts

The password is vmware.


Read the instructions in the Readme.txt file before you use the script.


To run the script, go to the bin directory: cd bin


Run the script: ./