You can view the Content Library to see all the published folders and catalogs to which you can subscribe, the folders or catalogs that you have published, and the folders and catalogs to which you are currently subscribed.

Verify that you entered a license key in the vCloud Connector Server Admin Web console. See Entering the License Key for vCloud Connector Advanced Edition in Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector.


In the Browser panel on the left, click Content Library.

The Inventory panel displays the Catalogs table that lists all published folders and catalogs. You can subscribe to any of these.

If the Catalogs table is empty, no folders or catalogs have been published to the Content Library.


To view the templates in a folder or catalog, select it in the table.

A Templates table appears below the Catalogs table. The Templates table lists all the templates in the selected folder or catalog, the size of each template, and the time it was last updated.

For each published folder or catalog, you can view the following information:


The name of the folder or catalog


The cloud that contains the published folder or catalog


The user name of the person who published the folder or catalog to the Content Library

Subscriber #

The number of users that have subscribed to the folder or catalog


A check mark indicates that you are currently subscribed to this folder or catalog

Last Updated

When subscription folders and catalogs were last synchronized with the published folder