You can view information about a template, virtual machine or vApp in vCloud Connector.

vCloud Connector is open.


In the Browser panel, expand the Clouds tree and select the cloud that contains the virtual machine, vApp or template that you want to view.

You can expand the hierarchy further and select a virtual datacenter, organization, folder, or catalog to view only its contents.


In the Inventory panel, click the Templates, vApps, or Virtual Machines tab, depending on what you want to view.

The Inventory panel displays the contents. You can sort the items in the table by the headers: Name, Location, or Status.


Click on an item in the table.

The Details panel appears below the table and displays information about the item you selected.

For a template, you can view the CPU count, memory capacity, storage capacity and guest OS.

(For templates in vCloud Director clouds, the guest OS is not displayed.)

For a virtual machine, you can view the guest OS, memory capacity, and storage capacity, as well as the current CPU, memory, and storage usage. You can also view the parent vApp name, if applicable.

For a vApp, you can see all the virtual machines that the vApp contains and view information about each of them.

In the table, you can also see the status of the item (stopped, suspended, or started), and the virtual datacenter to which it belongs.