From vCloud Connector, you can deploy a running instance of a virtual machine from a template that is on a vSphere cloud.

vCloud Connector is open.


In the Browser panel on the left, expand the Clouds tree and select the cloud that contains the template you want to deploy.

The Inventory panel displays all the contents of the cloud. You can narrow the results by using Search or by expanding the cloud hierarchy further in the Browser panel and selecting a sub-folder.


Click the Templates tab in the Inventory panel.


Select the template that you want to deploy, then click the Deploy icon at the top of the panel.


In the Deploy Wizard, type a name for the virtual machine, then click Next.


You cannot use the following characters in the name: % . # & < >


Select a folder for the virtual machine.


Select a cluster, host, vApp, or resource pool in which to store the virtual machine, then click Next.


Select a disk format and a datastore for the virtual machine, then click Next.


If you want to power on the virtual machine after deploying it, select Power on deployed entity, then click Next.


In the Ready to complete page, review your selections, then click Finish.

To monitor the progress of your deployment, see the Tasks panel on the right. You may need to refresh your screen to see the deployed instance.


All EULAs are accepted automatically by vCloud Connector during the deployment process.