To use vCloud Connector to oversee a cloud, you must first add the cloud to the vCloud Connector UI.

When you add a cloud, you need to enter a user name and password for the cloud. The privileges or rights that are associated with the type of account you use to add the cloud determine the operations you can perform with vCloud Connector. For example, if you add a vCloud Director cloud with a vApp User role, you will not be able to copy from that cloud because you don't have the required rights to download a vApp template.

For access to complete functionality, use an Organization Administrator or System Administrator role, or a modified role that has equivalent rights, for a vCloud Director cloud. Similarly, for a vSphere cloud, use an Administrator account or an equivalent role.

A vCloud Connector Node is installed in the cloud you wish to add to your vCloud Connector UI and that Node is registered with the vCloud Connector Server.


Open vCloud Connector in the vSphere Client. For more information, see Access vCloud Connector.


In the Browser panel on the left, click on Clouds.


In the Clouds panel, click the Add icon.

The Add Cloud dialog box appears.


Select the cloud to add from the Name drop-down list.

Only clouds whose Nodes are registered with the vCloud Connector Server are displayed.


Type the user name and password for an administrator account for that cloud.


Click Add.

The cloud appears in the Clouds tree in the Browser panel. Click on the cloud to view its inventory of templates, vApps, and virtual machines.