The public vCloud to which you want to move VMs or vApps with the Stretch Deploy command must meet certain network requirements.

vCloud Connector requires the following:

Your Organization Virtual Datacenter (VDC) in the public vCloud must have one of the following networks:

Routed Org VDC network

Direct Org VDC network

The external network in the public vCloud must be associated with a port group created in a 5.1 vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS).

If you use a Routed Org VDC network in the public vCloud, external IP addresses must be configured in the Edge gateway sub-allocation pool for the Org VDC. See How to Configure External IP Addresses in the Edge Gateway in vCloud Director.

You must have a designated public IP address in the public vCloud that can be reached by the source network that you want to stretch. vCloud Connector needs this to establish the SSL VPN tunnel.

This public IP address must not be used by any other service using port 443.


Typically, the external IP addresses configured in the Edge gateway sub-allocation pool (for Routed Org VDC networks) or in the External Network IP pool (for Direct Org VDC networks) are public IP addresses and can be used for this requirement. However, if they are not, then you need to provide a public IP address while stretch deploying a VM or vApp.